Thursday, May 24, 2012

BetterGEDCOM Discussions Rekindled

People who monitor the BetterGEDCOM wiki may be wondering what's happening there.

After the launch of FHISO, the level of "significant posts" that we all enjoyed had dropped to virtually nothing. There has been a resurgence on there recently, though, and some very constructive threads have emerged.

So how does this fit with FHISO? Well, there's no competition here - we all want the same thing. However, FHISO is still in its formative phase and isn't quite ready to host this level of technical discussion in conjunction with its more structured approach (e.g. concensus building).

There are some great minds out there who really want to contribute to a new standard. The BetterGEDCOM wiki is therefore "open for business" as usual to host those suggestions and discussions.


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