Thursday, March 17, 2011

Of Sources, Citations and GEDCOM

We are organizing a new page on the wiki, “BetterGEDCOM
support for key data elements of _Evidence Explained_ and Genealogical Proof
Standard. “ (To accommodate _Wikispaces_ “Recent Changes” entries, the
actual page name has been shortened to “BG data support-Evidence Explained and

From the wiki page, "The purpose of this page is to round the wagons so those who use Evidence Explained and are guided by the Genealogical Proof Standard have confidence BetterGEDCOM has worked to identify, understand and incorporate related data requirements."

Wiki discussions on this topic are open while we configure the page and related workspaces.

To support our work on sources and citations, we would like to add Internet links to materials about software-to/from-GEDCOM issues.

In addition to the fine work Russ has done on the BetterGEDCOM blog, we have identified three other articles or posting (as below), but we would like more. Here are the first items we identified:

Terry's TMG Tips, "Considerations for Exporting Sources to GEDCOM 5.5 Files."
Gena-Musings, "Do Genealogy Template Sources Survive When Passed Through GEDCOM?
Gena-Musings, "Software Programs, GEDCOM Files and Source Citations - Some Recommendations"

While it's not GEDCOM specific, we've also included the link to Genabloggers, "Interview – Elizabeth Shown Mills"

Link to the BetterGEDCOM wiki page (under development)
Link to the BetterGEDCOM wiki page discussions

As always, your help, suggestions and comments are welcome. --GJ