Thursday, January 13, 2011

Test 21: End Notes - Family Tree Maker to Roots Magic

I have been following Randy Seaver's Blog for a while now. Of late, Randy has been moving is Version 16 Source-Citations, into the Version 2011 Source Templates. In this Blog Entry: He was struggling with how to get this specific record, into the Template. As I also have been cleaning up my Source and Citations in my own file, I thought I would take his example and see how I would approach this record type. I have not run into this type of record (yet), but know that I haven't gotten down to this type of record.

I did a follow up on his blog on the Family Tree Maker User Blog were the steps I used in the Family Tree Maker Template was chosen.:

This Family Tree Maker Version 2011 file was exported into Roots Magic 4, and a Family Group Sheet was generated.

Here is the Endnotes from Family Tree Maker Version 2011.

You will see that the Marriage Citations are very different. In fact, the information that is in the Roots Magic 4 Citations are not even in the Family Tree Maker 2011 Citation. Upper Snake River is not in the Family Tree Maker citation.

The answer is in the GEDCOM file.

0 @S2@ SOUR
1 AUTH Upper Snake River Family History Center and Ricks College (Rexburg,
2 CONC Idaho)

1 TITL "Idaho Marriages, 1842-1996"
1 PUBL Name: Operations Inc; Location: Provo, UT, USA; Date:
2 CONC 2005;
1 REPO @R1@
2 CONC "Idaho Marriages, 1842-1996".  Datatbase.  The Generations Network. 
2 CONC : 2011.
0 @R1@ REPO

That AUTH tag information was in the non-template Citation. Moving that Citation into the Family Tree Maker template, appears to have kept that AUTH information and sent in the GEDCOM file.


Russ said...

As a follow up, Randy Seaver posted this blog about this issue.


Delia Furrer said...

HI Russ,
I hope that this subject doesn't die. This is an issue that really needs to be addressed. My wish is to be able to produce a family group sheet with the sources intact and accurate and to know that my extreme efforts will not get "mangled" in a possible GEDCOM import.

Russ said...


There is a group working on this GEDCOM issue.