Friday, January 7, 2011

Test 20: End Notes - Family Tree Maker to Roots Magic

Please note that this in an intentional Test Number, there are test numbers that are not being used as of this posting.

Test 20 was a One Person file, created in Family Tree Maker with four (4) Sources and One Citation from each source. This test was to see what happens when a controlled, simple, GEDCOM file was created in one program and opened in another. The focus of this file is Source or End Notes.

This test file was created in Family Tree Maker Version 2011. A Family Group Sheet was generated, and the FGS included Sources. For Family Tree Maker, these are reported as Sources:

This image is the End Notes from Family Tree Maker:

This file was then opened by Roots Magic 4, and a Family Group Sheet was generated in Roots Magic. The End Notes in Roots Magic is:

There was no editing, nor reformatting of the information was done in Roots Magic 4. The biggest difference here was how Private Correspondence was reports. The other 3 have some differences as well.


Myrt said...

I am wondering if the data was lost when making the GEDCOM file using FTM 2011.

Or was the data in the GEDCOM file, but RootsMagic 4 had trouble placing the data?

Russ said...


Actually, I brought the file that you are talking about into Roots Magic 4 and I did not loose any data.

I will email this file to you now, and see if you see the same End Notes.

Thank you,


Russ said...

Just another comment about this test. I had added Notes for each Fact / Event in the file, including the Name. Each of these Notes were in the file in Roots Magic 4. No loss of data. The only problem with this file was that the name of the Cemetery was in the Description field in Roots Magic, as it was in Family Tree Maker. But, Roots Magic uses the Place Details for that information.