Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Test 2: TMG to Family Tree Maker

In our continuing effort to illustrate problems when sharing our research, GeneJ created a GEDCOM file in TMG.

This file was opened in Family Tree Maker Version 2011. The .LOG file indicates"

Import Summary

  Individuals: 63
  Families:    24
  Sources:     99
  Media:       00
  Records:     688
  Errors:      200

The Errors will be discussed later.

The real issue here is the way that TMG transports Place Names (Location Names). It appears to be sending pre-formatted fields for each jurisdiction that makes up a Place Name.

You can see that Pennsylvania is the State. But the jurisdictions, like County, Township, City/Town are separated by comma's.

This is from the GEDCOM file:

2 PLAC , , , Pennsylvania, , , , ,

Family Tree Maker was not expecting the comma's.

Each of the locations that are now in Family Tree Maker need resolved.

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