Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Test 8: Torture Test - Many Children - FTM2011

Many thanks to Tamura Jones for providing information about three Torture Tests that has been preformed to test various software packages.

Please read the details of those tests here:

2010-10-10 Three Torture Test

These results are on the Many Children Torture Test with Family Tree Maker Version 2011

  Created by:  Tamura Jones 1.2

Import Summary

  Individuals: 1,201
  Families:    01
  Sources:     00
  Media:       00
  Records:     2,406
  Errors:      00
  Time:        00:00:05.589
  Rate:        (430 records/sec)

There is not appear to be any Problems with this file.

For further details on this stress testing, please review more details on the Data Test tab at the top of this blog. Tamura Jones has more details of his test results and are listed on the Data Test results page.

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