Friday, December 3, 2010

Summary of Test Results

Here is a summary of these test results.

It should be noted that the Family Tree Maker to Family Tree Maker results had 2 Media Files. Details about that will be posted here and is not part of these results and did not impact them:



FTM to FTM = 226
FTM to RM4 = 226
FTM to TMG = 227

TMG to FTM = 227
FTM to RM4 = 227

RM4 to FTM = 226

TMG appears to have picked up an individual.


FTM to FTM = 0
FTM to RM4 = Not counted, but many
FTM to TMG = None Reported

TMG to FTM = 0
TMG to RM4 = 0

RM4 to FTM = 83

It should be noted that RM4 did not have a summary error count, only the resulting .LST report

Family Counts:

FTM to FTM = 89

RM4 and TMG do not appear to count Families as Family Tree Maker does.

TMG to FTM = 57

RM4 to FTM = 84


FTM to FTM = 208
FTM to TMG = 180

TMG to FTM = 148

RM4 to FTM = 207


FTM to FTM = 2,688
TMG to FTM = 2,701
RM4 to FTM = 4,078


These are the types of results that researchers are experiencing using the current GEDCOM platform.

Again, these tests are only to illustrate the problem and in no way is an attempt to indicate that one program is better than the other.


GeneJ said...

Good work!

Greg Lamberson said...


1. Can you identify TMG's phantom person it created? What does it look like? What does it contain?

2. Family numbers mean nothing to me, either. TMG doesn't have a family thingamabob.

3. Which is worse, errors or no errors? Just a question with no real purpose.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I would like to see good end result output (like a printout of a well-formed source citation) and the mangled results after various imports, including how FTM does in interpreting its own GEDCOM.