Friday, December 3, 2010

Test 7: Results of a GEDCOM File created by Roots Magic 4 opened in Family Tree Maker

In the earlier blog entry, a GEDCOM file, generated by Family Tree Maker Version 2011 was opened by Roots Magic, with an indication as to the errors that were received.

After that file was opened in Roots Magic 4, a GEDCOM file was generated and opened by Family Tree Maker Version 2011.

The .LST log summary was:

Import Summary

  Individuals: 226
  Families:    84
  Sources:     207
  Media:       02
  Records:     4,078
  Errors:      83

Each of the 83 error messages were  "error 9  : Invalid record type: [ an Event Tag was listed ] Record ignored."

Locating the Line Numbers, associated with the first error, the GEDCOM file reads:

2 TID 0
3 NAME Footnote
3 VALUE [text], Birthdays and Special Dates
3 NAME ShortFootnote
3 VALUE [text], Birthdays and Special Dates
3 NAME Bibliography
3 VALUE [text]. Birthdays and Special Dates.

Note: the word [text], in the LST file has a persons name.

It appears that 83 source entries were not opened by Family Tree Maker.

It should be noted, that the the Source [text], Birthdays and Special Dates, is in Family Tree Maker, but with only one (1) citation associated with it.

The initial observation of this un-scientific test, is that there were issues with Sources and Citations.

Other tests will be reported here.

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