Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Test 4: Results of a GEDCOM file (for Sharing) into Family Tree Maker Version 2011

It has been suggested that a GEDCOM file be made available to others, I have on such file. It was generated by Family Tree Maker Version 11 and the file was a demo file that came with the program.

There are 262 People in this file, 252 Marriages, and 43 Master Sources. Other statistics are not reported as each program counts records differently. The key focus for this test, is People, Marriages, and Sources.

Opening this GEDCOM file in Family Tree Maker Version 2011 created a file with 626 Individuals, 267 Families, 58 Sources, 0 Errors,  and 0 Media files.

The number of Individuals are the same.

The counting of Marriages / Families are different, and the number of Sources are different.

It does appear that the relationships, sources, and citations came across as expected.

At this point, it might be summarized that the Sharing of this information was successful.

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