Saturday, December 4, 2010

How do you do data entry?

Each of us handle data entry differently. It is hoped, that you might make some comments about how YOU do data entry. This is not a program specific question, but in general .....

When does a new Name get entered into your Family File?

When I pick up a document or something online (a source) and that person looks familiar or that person my be in my file, I'll look for that person and any relationships or places that are included in that source.

Once it has been determined that yes, this person is related to someone in the file, I will enter the information from that source, AFTER entering the Source information into the program. With the Source in the database, then Citations can be entered and linked to each Fact or Event in the file. That includes a Citation for the Name of that person.

I enter the Names, for example, exactly the way that are in the Source, so that if I share my file, and the receiving person looks at my Source, they will see exactly what I saw and recorded. The spelling or format of the name may be different than what is in my file, but after evaluating the data (in the file and in the source)  the name will be entered. At some point, the 'correct' / most accurate name will be selected.

The key point is, that the name doesn't get entered until the database has been evaluated and the source has been evaluated. Once entered, the Name and all other information has a Citation associated with it.

In doing some research and finding a 'hint' to a brick wall in a Census Record, I have started to record the entire household (not an institution) into the file, including the same type of information for this "unrelated" person that I would 'family'.

Going back to the Census Record as the Citation, I would see the make up of that household in my file and in the census record. With the appropriate documentation.

You never know, when you might find the reason why that 'unrelated' person was in that household at that time.

Even if that person is never connected to that family, the household can be reconstructed as the Census Record showed.

Not everyone does this, and I didn't until looking at a brickwall.

Any comments?


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