Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Test 2: TMGv7 (Sample Proj) to GED ("TEST2.GED")

TMG's Sample project is described as:

GEDCOM created by TMG from this project provided to Russ, who refers to it as "TEST2.GED"

It was not the intent of this GEDCOM test to compare the project creator's usage practice to my personal practice.

Note: A developers upgraded version of TMG is awaited by users at this writing. Results from the newer version, expected to be called TMG v8, will be provided when it becomes available to users.

Update, including change to the GEDCOM file name (now, "TEST2")

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GeneJ said...

Note: title to this blog changed to "Test2: TMGv7 (Sample Proj) to GED to reflect the precise name of the GED now being tested. --GJ