Friday, December 3, 2010

Test 1: FTM GEDCOM to TMG (without GenBridge)

I imported Russ' GEDCOM to my program, The Master Genealogist (TMG). This is the same GEDCOM file, exported from Family Tree Maker (FTM), that Russ separately imported to Roots Magic (RM4).

I don't own GenBridge, so I imported the FTM GEDCOM directly to TMG. (GenBridge is an application that helps users import genealogical information to TMG.)

Post import, the TMG project summary was:
Persons : 227
Names: 354
Events: 1086
Witnesses: 1169
Places: 425
Relationships: 287
Citations: 1647
Repositories: 67
Tag Types: 129
Source Elements: 160

An extensive LST file was created as part of the import to TMG (13 pdf pages). The warnings included things that mostly appear to be source/citation related. Warnings included descriptors as "Expected level XXX" and "Unknown level XXX." The report remarked that one person appeared to be reported as a children to more than one set of parents (which might explain the difference in "person" numbers between Russ' file and my import).

Some of these entries were reported "skipped", others were not.

I know Russ is crunching away on the LST file reports.


Greg Lamberson said...

Additional information which would be helpful:

-Reproduction of the source citation as it is output in FTM (assuming this is how you might use the information and want it to output in this form properly)
-Reproduction of the source citation after the data has been imported into TMG (if you can even get any output)
- The entire .LST file

Also, I would like to see you guys compare the same information in cases where no errors were reported. I expect you'll find additional missing or mangled information.

PaulF said...

I don't understand the comment I don't own GenBridge- if you import into TMG gen bridge is part of TMG.
Problems I've seen FTM to TMG address/place fields are all together.

Russ said...


Can you provide an example of teh FTM to TMG issue?

I don't have TMG, so I don't know what TMG looks like. GeneJ did import the FTM file, as a GEDCOM, into TMG.

Thank you,


GeneJ said...


If I'm not mistaken, GenBridge would allow me to import the FTM file directly to TMG; I wouldn't need to use GEDCOM.

For this test, we specifically wanted to look at the GEDCOM import.

Thank you for correcting the record about GenBridge being built into TMG. My bad. --GJ