Thursday, December 9, 2010

Test 5: BetterGEDCOM Roots Magic 4 to Family Tree Maker

It has been suggested that a GEDCOM file be made available to others, I have on such file. It was generated by Family Tree Maker Version 11 and the file was a demo file that came with the program.

Having successfully imported this file into Roots Magic 4, back into Family  Tree Maker Version 2011, the follow are the results:

626 People (same as the original file)
260 Families (267 in the original file)
60 Sources (vs 58 in the original file)
35 Errors

Each of the Errors were:

Line #####: error 9  : Invalid record type: (various)

Further investigation one these errors will follow.

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Russ said...

As a follow, there were similar error message (error 9) taking a GEDCOM from RM4 to Family Tree Maker for the MAC.

108 Records
64 Errors