Thursday, December 9, 2010

Test 4: BetterGEDCOM - GEDCOM Summary

Below is a brief summary of the data that was in the GEDCOM file that has been tested this second set of tests:

Lines 9057

Level 0 980
Level 1 5448
Level 2 2544
Level 3 62
Level 4 11
Level 5 2


NAME 627
SEX M 327
SEX F 299

SOUR 435

HUSB 254
WIFE 253
MARR 260
BIRT 624
DEAT 307

@F001 @F267
@I001 @I626

It appears that the 1 number difference was cause by an individual that did not have a SEX F or SEX M associated with the name. The Name in the GEDCOM file was not in Family Tree Maker Version 2011 when the original GEDCOM file was opened, but when the file was returned from The Master Genealogist, the additional name was included. The Name was present and the Sex was marked as Unknown. It appears that TMG counted this person as a person, while Family Tree Maker Version 2011 and Roots Magic 4 does not. Both programs were reviewed for this person.

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