Monday, December 20, 2010

Test 4: GEDCOM FTM to TMG - Place properties

When I imported the FTM GEDCOM (Test4) to TMG, I received  a notice (in TMG) to head to its  "Master Place List" and enter corrections there for place/location formatting differences. In TMG, the user enters place information in a customizable template. In FTM, the same information is entered as a string of information, with place parts separated by commas. Since the two program collect information differently, Russ asked me to post some information about how the FTM sources from TEST4.GED actually imported to TMG.

During user entry, TMG's customizable pace template is accessed on the tag entry window. Below is a TMG v7 tag entry window for one of the event entries imported from Test4.GED. You can see the place template--I added a red outline:

The screen shot that follows is a capture of TMG's Master Place List for Test4 after import. I put little red boxes around items that looked out of place without further research.

I did NOT take the time to go back and review the tag level detail for these various places (to learn more about the place and make note of changes in names and jurisdictions that might influence how I should report the place and hunt down records), but I did check to see what a few Wikis had to say about some of the locations. Note the red arrows in the screen shot above.  

Borrby, per Wikipedia:
Borrby said a "locality" in the Simrishamn Municipaity, Skåne County, Sweden. (Cites a reference dated 2005, please see the link.)

Gladsax parish, Sweden, per FamilySearch Wiki (Swedish Parishes):,_Sweden
Describes this parish as located in a Härad (Swedish district) and a Län (Swedish county), but doesn't further specify the identities of those jurisdictions.   

Löderup, per Wikipedia:
Löderup said a "locality" in Ystad Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden. (Cites a reference dated 2005, please see the link.)

As an aside, entering the information into TMG's template does take a little time, but I've ALWAYS found it to have been time well spent. The more I understand locations, the better I am able to trace or make sense of the places when I want to access information in the FHL Catalog, old maps, library reference materials. Oh yes, even on Facebook!


GeneJ said...

Note: I titled this GEDCOM Test1 ... instead of BetterGEDCOM Test1, since this test is about existing GEDCOM.

GeneJ said...

I'm updating the blog to reflect better understanding of the FamilySearch wiki record for Gladsax, all thanks to help from wiki member Geir Thorud.

GeneJ said...

Looks like we changed the title to reflect "test4"; however, the file we used was test1 (gedcom from the test file that comes with FTM2011)

Russ said...


I had to change the test numbers to reflect the GEDCOM file that was used.

Please check the test results page where there is more information on the Test Numbers.

Thank you.


GeneJ said...

Got it.