Thursday, December 9, 2010

Test 4: BetterGEDCOM FTM to Roots Magic 4

It has been suggested that a GEDCOM file be made available to others, I have on such file. It was generated by Family Tree Maker Version 11 and the file was a demo file that came with the program.

There are 626 People in this file, 252 Marriages, and 43 Master Sources. Other statistics are not reported as each program counts records differently. The key focus for this test, is People, Marriages, and Sources.

Opening this GEDCOM file in Roots Magic 4, there were 262 People. The other statistics in Roots Magic do not appear to compare to those provided by Family Tree Maker.

There did not appear to be any issues importing this file into Roots Magic 4.


Russ said...

After posting the above, a LST file was found for this import:

Source program: FTM
Program version: Family Tree Maker (
3 ADDR 360 W 4800 N
4 CONT Provo, UT 84604
3 PHON (801) 705-7000
Destination: GED55
Date of file: 08 DEC 2010
Character set: ANSI
2 VERS 5.5
Unknown info (line 1561)
1 _DEG B.S.E.E.
2 DATE 1984

Unknown info (line 2820)
3 _FOOT Gladsax Husforhorslangd 1801-1840, LDS Microrfilm # 0141457.

Unknown info (line 3131)
3 _FOOT Vallby Husforhorlsandg 1823-1865, LDS Microfilm # 0142725.

Unknown info (line 6506)
1 _DEG Business Management
2 DATE 1988

There was not notice to the end user about these errors on the import.

Randy Seaver said...

So does FTM 2011 create a standard GEDCOM 5.5 file? If not, what are the differences?

Does FTM 16? Does RootsMagic? Does Legacy? does TMG?

Seems to me one of the first tasks of this group is to get all of the software companies to create a uniform GEDCOM. Then you can talk about improving it.