Saturday, December 11, 2010

Test 1: BetterGEDCOM FTM to GRAMPS-Portable

There is a GRAMPS Portable version that was downloaded and installed on a Flash Drive. The BetterGEDCOM Test1 file was opened in that version.

262 People
267 Families
46 Sources
53 Notes

No error messages were reported.


Anonymous said...

Interesting work folks. I'm confused with the numbers, sometime 626, sometimes 262. Typing errors? It's also not clear whether a single GEDCOM file has been used for all tests or if different GEDCOM files have been used in this blog. Regards.

Myrt said...

Russ is traveling today, and cannot respond readily. I do know that he used a single database for his tests.

He used his personal database so that he could recognize the data, and notice if anything was missing.

He is preparing a modified database to:

1. Redo the tests described in this wiki

2. Share with others who wish to test his findings.

Russ said...


Sorry for the confusion, but there were TWO separate files. The first was a personal file that I did not wish to openly share, as it had private information in it.

The second is a Demo file from Family Tree Maker Version 11 that I am willing to share.

We have been trying to use TEST1 as the test file to be shared. The first tests were not made from this file.

thank you for the Question.


Randy Seaver said...

So what is the file name of the one that will be shared? TEST1? Is that the one created from FTM Version 11? With 626 individuals? I was confused too - 262 or 626 was a coincidence that lookedl ike a typo.

In future posts, please identify by the file name and also clearly identify in a separate post what the file contains in terms of individuals, families, etc.

GeneJ said...

Thank you Randy.

Test1.ged is the file that came from FTM, v11.

We are separately going to run the Sample project from TMG through these tests, too. --GJ